Campaign Objective

  • Raise awareness as ULTIMATE BEAUTY SERUM of all that brings out the inner beauty from fundamental level by declaring UTM3.0 is a new beauty solution for all human being powered by The Lifeblood™ to constantly approach blood circulation and strengthen immunity to realize Healthy Vibrant Skin.
  • Create hook for the trial and repeat by communicating ‘blood flow leads to circulation, which leads to Healthy Vibrant Skin (the best ideal skin is accomplished by immunity)’and only UTM 3.0 powered by The Lifeblood™ can make it realize.
  • Build MOMENTUM of UTM3.0 by delivering POWER IS YOU message via ambassadors and attain customers who we haven’t reached out to.

Our Target audience


Our Big Idea

How campaign rollout

5 days before livestream, in order to approach right TA, we are going to create Programmatic Ads that:

  • Tap in the moment that users are concern and searching for anti-aging solutions (ex: botox filler, masking, eat clean…) on some websites or YouTube video,…
  • Deliver a triggering message in form of banners or bumpers,… and drive users to Shiseido livestream.

Programmatic Ads

A letter of challenge to Châu Bùi and her skin

Since people are interesting in “bóc phốt” or scandal revealing livestream recently, we can make Shiseido livestream become talk of the town through this challenge:

  • 3 days before livestream, Châu Bùi surprisingly shows a letter of challenge she got from Shiseido and announce that she will show off at livestream to accept the challenge although she doesn’t know what is waiting for her.
  • After the letter posting, Binz and beauty blogger community will also spread out this challenge and waiting for livestream to know what will happen.

Gift box 3-4-1 promise

We create the limited box of promise based on our concept “3-4-1” to educate users about benefits of Ultimune 3.0:

  • 3 days skin become more radiant
  • 4 weeks skin become more resilient and firm
  • after 1 bottle: wrinkles are diminished